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Customized Bizarrocorn


Available as of 3pm PST on 7/28/17. This Customizable Bizarrocorn is an original, one of a kind sculpture by Terry Bizarro. Customize this Bizarrocorn by choosing the hair color/colors, and accent colors. Choose the eye color, and you can choose to have her adorned with crystals or not. It is sculpted out of SculpyIII with an aluminum armature. Her hair will be made of plastic, and each strand is made with a 3d pen that fits into a follicle on the head and tail. She stands approximately 14" tall, 5.5" wide and 7" in length from back to front. Measurments may be larger after customization. Painted with acrylic and then a layer of clear varnish. This original piece of art is only available in the United States. Customization and shipping can take up to 4 weeks.

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